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About Us

We are a digital Infrastructure company, ensure IT services are delivered faster with compute resources are available close to the end users.

We work with data centre asset management firms who are a specialist in IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) provider in the public cloud domain, who offers co-location, managed services, high density computing, and disaster recovery services globally. Our Data Centre Asset Management (DCAM) firms are ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management Systems) certified for providing cloud storage services and network marketing services. Our DCAM firm are leaders in this niche in India, designs, builds, owns, operates and manages state of the art cloud data centres and have a network of owned, managed and collocated data centres in India, and are expanding globally.

Our Guiding Principle

The desire to make a positive impact on the lives of billions of Indians. Our culture lays a strong emphasis on repaying of social debt.

This is our way of delivering a positive change to the lives of multitudes, irrespective of geographies, socio-economic situations, or any other classification. We are open, will always be open, to leverage the power of industry for the benefit of all.

Our Vision

As part of AatmaNirbhar Bharat vision, the company will engage in the business of setting up digital infrastructure and its allied services, promotes digital economy and empowers data localization.

Our Mission

With the Industry4.0 outlook, Data is an asset of national importance which is waiting to be tapped comprehensively. By deploying the right data infrastructure and governance mechanism, unleashing the power of data for India will become a reality. We are on the mission of creating India's largest network of Data Centres, that will impact the everyday lives of all Indians by giving them better and faster access to services, connectivity, education, agriculture, healthcare and many other services.

Our Services


• Data Centre Setup and Integration
• Data Centre Strategy Consultancy - Managed Infrastructure and Applications, Colocation, Disaster Recovery, Continuity, High Density Computing
• Proprietary Security Solutions

Security is our differentiator. Your data is 100% safe and secure, protecting privacy and data security. Our Data Centre Asset Management (DCAM) firm’s proprietary data compression technology enables us to efficiently use resources to replicate data across locations, thus ensuring no loss of data.

Our Features

High Quality Hardware

Top Data Centers

Outstanding Speed

Amazing Uptime

Best Support

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