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Frequently Ask Questions

Is your business a legal business?

Yes. We are incorporated under the Companies Act 2013.

We create, operate, manage and market Data Centre infrastructure. We lease this infrastructure to businesses, and earn revenue.

Our largest clients are resellers of cloud, hosting, colocation and dedicated server services.

Yes. All owners of the company are Indian citizens.

Our DCAM firms are an ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) certified company.

We will be part of the growth story of the top 3 data centre players in the industry, in India. For more information, please visit the About Us section of the website.

India's cloud services market is one of the fastest growing global markets. We offer a unique, low cost, low exposure option to enjoy the benefits of this growing market.

Our DCAM firms marketing affiliates, who are the retail sales channel for the business revenue, will pay you a minimum guaranteed monthly income for 120 months. The minimum guaranteed monthly income is an amount that you will receive every month, directly credited to your bank account only. Our DCAM firms may at its discretion, depending on market conditions, increase the monthly rent for one or more times, but will not decrease it.

We are not offering you a money doubling scheme. However, to facilitate your calculations, with the Minimum Guaranteed income, your monthly income will be equal to your initial investment in 36 months.

We are not asking you for investment in our company. However, to facilitate your calculations, the annualised rate of return on your investment in data centre assets, without accounting for taxes, varies from 25% to 35%. This is in line with returns that VC funds expect, and in line with bullish returns from equity markets.

After 10 years, which is the lifetime of the data centre asset, your monthly income payment will stop, the product contract ends and our DCAM firms will dispose of the Electronic Waste as per applicable best practices and government regulations.

Under the Asset Partner program, you are buying a physical asset, in part or full. This asset is monetised by DCAM firms affiliates, and you are paid a monthly income. Your monthly income is paid on the basis of a legally binding agreement. The demand for cloud services is forecast to increase in India and globally. Thus, your asset and rent are as secure as can be subject to market risks.

It is bound by a legal agreement to pay the monthly minimum guaranteed income. If the company fails to pay the monthly income, you have all legal rights and recourses available to you.

If you cancel within 14 days you receive a full refund less any taxes paid. There is no cancellation allowed after 14 days.

Yes. You should nominate an heir at the time of registration. You may update your nominee at any time from your control panel or by contacting us.

Yes. Anyone, including foreign nationals may take part in the Asset Partner program

Please drop us an email or request one of our representatives to visit you. We will guide you the due process of KYC verification and depositing the amount in one of our bank accounts only You will have to submit proof of payment for your registration to be processed. No cash transactions entertained.

No, none of our representatives or our offices are authorised to accept cash on our behalf.

No. The Reserve Bank of India has prohibited dealing in cryptocurrencies in India. This notification has been challenged in the courts, but is in force.

Yes. We use state of the art, on the fly encryption using post quantum cryptography which cannot be hacked even by quantum computers or any other methods. Your data is 100% safe & secure and privacy is assured.

A Channel Partner is an representative agency or individual, authorised by us to explain the opportunity to you and to assist you in enrollment. Channel Partners can only assist you in enrollment, they are not authorised to handle money on our behalf.

We use state of the art, on the fly encryption using post quantum cryptography which cannot be hacked even by quantum computers or any other methods. Your data is 100% safe & secure and privacy is assured.

No organization, agency, government or hacker can access your data. Not even us! Our algorithms have key scaling and time scaling of Θ(b^2) and hence can be implemented in extremely small devices, sensors, Internet of Things, mobiles, laptops, besides large servers.

The encryption works at bit level due to which our algorithm does not differentiate in file types. Our implementation is intended to work between millions of users concurrently in real time. It has negligible infrastructure “hard” dependency and works on commodity hardware. Doesn’t require a dedicated communications infrastructure and can work over public and insecure communication channels.

There are no backdoors for administrators or hackers to exploit. The system cannot be compromised even if the data centre itself is compromised.